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SkovTrup history: 
Company founded on 15.04 2002 by the engineers Jon Skovhus & Søren Gøttrup - Skov & Trup = SkovTrup.
The first year was mainly int. sourcing and sales of industrial products such as wood, metal and packaging.

With SkovTrup's need for reinforcement of sales / marketing efforts, they decided to bet on the Internet. The first website was completed in 2004 and since then several came.

Her ses ejere af firmaet Skovtrup

The first employee hired and both owners included later fully in the company's operations and development. As a result of the turnover and the product range has grown, we have expanded storage and extended them over the years. Office facilities, modeling workshop and showroom with awnings and patio furniture has been designed and we now have a modern and functional company in the countryside - as you are always welcome to visit.

Her ses SkovTrup´s lagerfacilitetter på Parallelvej 1

Our products:
At SkovTrup we aim to sell quality wood products from sustainable forestry in Europe.
We wish in no way to sell impregnated wood (wood that is landfill-eligible after use) or help to increase the consumption of rain forest - often from problematic rainforest areas.

In the search for a viable alternative, we came in connection with a project for such Master of Forestry, Claus Buhl Sørensen -> Report on Sustainable alternative to pressure-treated wood - Click here to see more.

The aforementioned issues was launched and has subsequently led to the development of our locust wood products in many areas have similar or better properties than the rain forest. Developing new products is our great interest - do you have suggestions for something you think we should stock, all suggestions welcome.

The picture above are SkovTrup stocks completed 2012 - Total 5.500m2 under roof.


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Salg / Vejledning
Oksana Christensen
Tlf. +45 98 54 87 67

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