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Map of Who and How to deal with SkovTrup: 
Who: We sell to Private, Residential and Industrial - ie. all those with an interest in sustainable and environmentally friendly wood. See here for assortment differentiated prices and stock on Locust tree for Ønskehaven - Independent page!
Note prices are given with and without VAT (VAT is framed in parentheses). All prices are without shipping.


How: As our products are not suitable for traditional "put in basket" trade we suggest the following way ->:

Put i kurv fra SkovTrup         Robinie pæle i ren kernetræ fra SkovTrup

After you have looked a little on the various websites (note submenus) and price lists you write a short email - possibly from one of the many mail link on the pages or directly from contacts at SkovTrup.

Example of query: I would like to build 3 raised beds dim. 120x240cm H40cm m / sleepers. I've figured out the following: 24 L120cm 24p. L240cm Incl threaded rods + washers / bolts for mounting. Want deals delivered to postcode 9000 - full address / contact tel. / Mail (if different from the consignor).

Højbede fra SkovTrup i miljørigtigt robinie træ

We email then the attached deal (pdf) which later may be converted to an invoice.

Is the offer as desired mail us and we'll email the invoice.

When paying please use payment ID on the invoice so that we can quickly identify the payment.

Usually we can see payment the day after transfer and then sends the goods within approx. 1-2 days. Long Goods products of L400cm usually sent using truck cranes which can take a few extra days.

Alternatively, you can collect the item and pay either by credit card or cash
(payment on Søvangen 21 and pickup Parallelvej 1 in Snæbum) - Items must be ordered in advance!

More info at: - contacts at SkovTrup (Email will be answered ASAP).

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Oksana Christensen
Tlf. +45 98 54 87 67

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