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Udviklings program for SkovTrup

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

Milestone for technological development

Companies in technological development have their own development program at Væksthus Nordjylland, and the search for the so-called VITU program is so large that development number 100 has just been launched.
It was SkovTrup Aps, specialist in environmentally friendly wood crossed the critical threshold. Aalborg, 29th of February 2012 - Væksthus Nordjylland and Mariagerfjord Business Council has just launched course number 100 for enterprises in technological development. The process is initiated with robiniawood-Specialist SkovTrup ApS in Snæbum by Hobro, and participation in the program is expected to be crucial for SkovTrups competitiveness. As part of the development process is SkovTrup started with a chain of custody certification by the FSC standard, a fire safety certification and a UV801 certification, and thus SkovTrup even more evidence that the company wood and awning products meet government customers and consumers increased commitment to safety and sustainability. It will strengthen the company as SkovTrups products, among other things, be used on natural playgrounds across the country, the future can be certified by a known standard. And so the company can move forward towards a true ISO 29000 certification in sustainability and social responsibility . . . . . . .

Rapport om miljørigtigt robinie træ - start af firma SkovTrup

Introduction: (Report by Claus Buhl Sørensen)

This report is summarized by the knowledge and experience accumulated through the project with the slightly heavy title:
Presentation and Documentation of a sustainable alternative to pressure-treated wood.
The project is financed in terms of the Green Fund, which is hereby brought thanks.
The project was formulated at the request of the Organic Garden in Odder, and is implemented in a fruitful collaboration with the garden staff.
The Organic Garden's efforts on Robinie is not completed with the submission of this report. The products obtained through the project will for a long time to come to find in the garden, where they will be included in the ongoing dissemination of the materials and products the environmentally conscious consumer / garden owner can choose.
Signed task has been to describe Robinie which tree species and resources, including identifying areas where the technical and environmental aspects are an alternative to both the impregnated wood and substitutes already (plastic and timber).
For the record, I do note that the opinions and attitudes of using wood, which is expressed in the report alone is responsible for its own account.

Tingheden 9 June 1997
aster of Forestry, Claus Buhl Sørensen

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